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Using X Window Applications Via Network Through SSH

This article will tell you how to run an application on a remote computer and have its graphical user interface displayed on your local machine.

  • Kanotix 2005-03 or newer
  • locale computer's IP: (only displaying X11)
  • remote computer's IP: (actually running X11 application)

  • On the remote computer change in /etc/hosts.allow a line to add rights for ssh access: :code: ssh sshd : : ALLOW # e.g. allow all local area network adresses to access the ssh server :code:
  • Open a root shell and enter the command for establishing an ssh connection with X-Forwading:
    ssh -X
    (enter your root password when prompted for it)
  • Run any X-Application in the shell, for example "firefox".

Remote access ssh with X-Forwarding from a Windows-PC:
  • Download and burn the Cygwin XLiveCD
  • Put CD into the CD-ROM tray of the Windows-PC and wait for the autorun. Click "continue" until a shell window pops up
  • There, enter:
    ssh -X username@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 
    Note: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP of the linux remote computer or its URL (for example a dyndns.org account) and the username is of course one user account that exists on the remote machine.
  • After successfull login, start "kmail" for example and check your mails!
  • Important: make sure hosts.allow has an entry to allow access from PCs from other networks. If you are behind a NAT-Firewall or a router make sure port 22 is forwarded to your linux machine!
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