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How do I remove LVM

LVM is the abbreviation for "Logical Volume Manager" and designates a function, which is integrated in the standard Kernel since version 2.4. For Windows users, this corresponds to the "Dynamic Data Media" in Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP Pro, for instance. A logical layer can be put between the filesystem and the partition of a physical hard disk with LVM. So it is possible to stretch a file system over several partitions and hard drives, after the creation of a file system mind you, even if data was already stored therein. In addition, the file system is put on a virtual partition, called a logical volume. This is obviously the actual salient point of LVM: one can later add free storage space to a too small partition or hard drive which is administered with LVM. A condition is, however, that the partitions concerned were administered in advance by LVM. [Which seems to be the reasoning for including it by default.] Source

After the HD installation the Logical Volume Manager was installed and there was no need for it, so I wanted to remove it.

The #kanotix channel provided the solution fast.
# apt-get remove --purge lvm2 lvm-common 

and that was it. Done

Thanks to slh.
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