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How to label partitions of USB HDDs

This is valid for the KDE desktop of kanotix 2005-04 and its release candidates.
Has been tested with kanotix 2005-04 rc 17.

Link to related topic in Forum.

Kanotix 2005-03
The KDE desktop displays partitions on USB drives as: sda1, sda2, sdb1, sdb2, sdb3, ...

Kanotix 2005-04
The KDE desktop displays partitions on USB drives as: 10 GB, 50 GB, 34GB, 23 GB, 25GB , ... Very hard to identify whats what:

Kanotix 2005-04, after labeling:
The KDE desktop displays partitions on USB drives as: old1, old2, new1, new2, new3, ...
Way better!

Of course you can be a bit more creative than me with the label names!

The solution is to label the partitions, to give them names.
After labeling just remove and reattach the USB cable or reboot the PC to see the new labels.

This does not work with partitions on the build-in HDD of my PC.
It seems one would have to edit the fstab (etc/fstb) file to.

Also every filesystem has its own commands for labeling.
Please add your experience with other filesystems!

Examples that worked for me:

For a ext3 partition:
e2label /dev/sda2 old2

For a reiserfs partition:
reiserfstune -l new2 /dev/sdb2

Details for reiserfs (3.6) partition:
root@kanotix:/home/jan# umount /dev/sdb2
root@kanotix:/home/jan# reiserfstune -l new2 /dev/sdb2
reiserfstune: Journal device has not been specified. Assuming journal is on the main device (/dev/sdb2).

Current parameters:

Filesystem state: consistent

Reiserfs super block in block 16 on 0x812 of format 3.6 with standard journal
Count of blocks on the device: 14902288
Number of bitmaps: 455
Blocksize: 4096
Free blocks (count of blocks - used [journal, bitmaps, data, reserved] blocks): 14893622
Root block: 8211
Filesystem is clean
Tree height: 2
Hash function used to sort names: "r5"
Objectid map size 2, max 972
Journal parameters:
        Device [0x0]
        Magic [0x63909653]
        Size 8193 blocks (including 1 for journal header) (first block 18)
        Max transaction length 1024 blocks
        Max batch size 900 blocks
        Max commit age 30
Blocks reserved by journal: 0
Fs state field: 0x0:
sb_version: 2
inode generation number: 0
UUID: cadebd8b-0c2f-4615-9b25-343d962bebf5
LABEL: new2
Set flags in SB:

Details for ext3 partition:
root@kanotix:/home/jan# e2label /dev/sda2 old2

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