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A cool way to have an encrypted folder

I have an external usb drive, and I wanted to put some personal files in an encrypted directory so that to view the files, I would first have to put in a password.

The files could be anything, but I wanted to put some banking info and other stuff that I don't want other people to be able to see if my drive was stolen etc.

A friend told me what to do (thanks to Fran), but a howto can also be found here:

This is what I did:

First you need to do (all these commands are done in console as root):
apt-get install encfs fuse-utils

Then add fuse as a module:
modprobe fuse

And add fuse to /etc/modules so that it'll be there after reboot.

Now add yourself to the fuse group:
adduser yourusername fuse

(I think you have to log out and in again or reboot for the fuse group to be added ... the command "groups" shows what groups you are currently in.)

Create a folder called encrypted and a folder called clear (for example)
then use the command as user (not root) (and you have to use full paths):
encfs /full/path/encrypted /full/path/clear

For example:
encfs /media/sda1/encrypted /media/sda1/clear

Setting the password
It'll take you through setting a password, and level of encryption.
(select p for paranoid if you want (uses better encryption) or enter for standard encryption)

Now "clear" will be mounted (do the command "mount" to check if you want).

Copy files into clear, and they will appear in "encrypted" as encrytped. When finished use (as user):
fusermount -u /full/path/clear
to unmount the clear version.

Now it's all set up.

To mount (and view your files), do as user:
encfs /full/path/encrypted /full/path/clear

To unmount (so no-one can see your files), do as user:
fusermount -u /full/path/clear

Note: you can use this method to create an encrypted folder anywhere, eg local hard drive, dvd+rw, even a usb pen formated as fat32.

Warning: if you lose your password, there is no way to recover your files.

Thanks Swynndla

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