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I hate marketing speech - but you asked for it:

  1. KANOTIX detects and enables you to instantly use more different pieces of hardware than any other operating system today (including other Linuxes), without the need to search for drivers from hardware vendors' web sites or complicated installation routines. Everything comes ready on a fast, live-CD and can be installed to your hard drive in just a few minutes.

  2. 1. KANOTIX gives you direct and 100% compatible access to the worlds' largest repository of software packages (more than 17.000 at the moment in Debian Sid), all of them free and open source, many of them of professional quality. No viruses, no trojans - and again no complicated searching hundreds of web sites for an application, and then running dubious installers.

  3. KANOTIX is free and open source and comes with free & priceless 24/7 support via this forum and chat (the IRC). Our support staff is friendly, helpful and very highly skilled - some of them are developers of this operating system themselves.

  4. KANOTIX is not corporate driven, but community driven. Others might talk about humanity, while actually feeding a corporation - we are a community of volunteers who share a common goal - building the perfect operating system.

  5. KANOTIX is extremely flexible and offers a large selection of ready made scripts and meta-packages that you may use to mutate it into a secure server system, a high class music studio, a professional graphics design workstation, a corporate desktop - or whatever you actually need or desire.

  6. KANOTIX is always bleeding edge technology, packed into a tested and stable combination which is ready for use. It is moving very fast, and will always bring to you the hippest and most interesting developments first. Recent examples are a digital VDR (Video Disk Recorder) or the 3D-Desktop "Beryl". KANOTIX is also one of the few operating systems where you can get a 64bit system with real 64bit compiled applications - and again providing the 100% compatible access to Debian Sid.

  7. KANOTIX is multilingual - people from all over the world meet here and talk in their native, but also secondary languages. We believe in the power of shared and open communication and therefore don't split the community by countries or languages, but concentrate them. Many people here do speak several languages and are using them when helping you.

There is definitely much more to say - these are just the first thoughts coming into my mind. Please add whatever you find fitting, we might use parts of this text for marketing KANOTIX in the future.
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