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Setting the time zone

After a system update with "ntpdate ptbtime2?.ptb.de" the computer time jumped by two hours.

With the utility "tzconfig" in a console, one can change the UTC (Universal Time Coordinated, earlier known as GMT) time zone to another time zone by picking one suitable for your location, so your system shows the correct time.

Become root with "su -" then input "tzconfig" in a console, and the following series of questions will be presented, for example:

richard@kanobox:~$ su -
root@kanobox:~# tzconfig
Your current time zone is set to America/Caracas
Do you want to change that? [n]: y

Please enter the number of the geographic area in which you live:
        1) Africa                         7) Australia
        2) America                      8) Europe
        3) US time zones             9) Indian Ocean
        4) Canada time zones    10) Pacific Ocean
        5) Asia                            11) Use System V style time zones
        6) Atlantic Ocean            12) None of the above
Then you will be shown a list of cities which represent the time zone
in which they are located. You should choose a city in your time zone.

Number: 2

Adak Anchorage Anguilla Antigua Araguaina Argentina/Buenos_Aires
(. . . etc. . . # long listing of locations in the zone.) 
Toronto Tortola Vancouver Virgin Whitehorse Winnipeg Yakutat Yellowknife

Please enter the name of one of these cities or zones
You just need to type enough letters to resolve ambiguities
Press Enter to view all of them again
Name: [] Caracas
Your default time zone is set to 'America/Caracas'.
Local time is now:      Tue Aug  8 09:22:03 VET 2006.
Universal Time is now:  Tue Aug  8 13:22:03 UTC 2006.

Unix system clocks are generally set to Universal Time, Coordinated (UTC), known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) for many years. The operating system knows your time zone and converts the system time into local time. You can select whether the hardware clock is set to UTC, recommended for systems which only run Linux, or set to Local Time for more comfortable use when different operating systems will be run on the computer. According to the hardware clock the current local time is: Tue Aug 8 09:22:03 VET 2006.

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