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Here's my experience with the SP1614N hard drive, and some advice on it:

I had lodged a complaint for this drive twice, after I experienced head noises and bad with it.

Now I had the exchanged drive in the computer, and it was nevertheless noticeable to me with access to the DVD drive (read and write) that there was again a head noise and a following freeze of the system (despite a PASS with the HDD-CHack with Samsung Utils) (which got on my nerves!!!).

I found a note on the internet over an error in the UDMA handling of the SP1614N, and a workaround, which at least seems to work (for the time being):

Samsung admits in its hdd faq to a "small" compatibily problem: "OS installation Error with Samsung's latest model" the problem lies with the UDMA mode or the hard drive. In order to have the hard disk working again properly you must use the hutil_creator.exe tool from the Samsungs utility site. Then boot in DOS for example with a win98? boot CD and run the file hutil.exe. Caution: one can also fubar (mess) everything up with that tool! Now you have the maximum UDMA rate on 133 as described on the utility site and confirm the whole process"




even if the original poster had problems with the WinXP? Install, it also has helped me with Kanotix BHX (2.6.9).

HTH, aniki

P.S. For those who do not have a floppy disk drive, go to ,, download the ISO and burn, Samsung utilities are all there completely...
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