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Old Kernel Cleanup

Well, Kano builds a new kernel when new features or security patches are needed. So you can install them but somehow you must deinstall the old ones, otherwise your hard disk will become full of kernels.

Kano has already prepared a Remove-Script for that remove-all-kernels, get it with the following:
wget http://kanotix.com/files/fix/remove-all-kernels-completely.sh

and make it executable

chmod 755 remove-all-kernels-completely.sh

and then better move it into /usr/local/bin

mv remove-all-kernels-completely.sh /usr/local/bin

Be careful, you should not change the script!!!

Start your System with the kernel you want to keep.

cd /boot
for v in vmlinuz-*; do 
KERNEL=$(echo $v|sed s/vmlinuz-//)
if [ "$KERNEL" != "$(uname -r)" ]; then
apt-get remove --purge $(COLUMNS=200 dpkg -l|awk '{print $2}'|grep $KERNEL)
rm -rf /lib/modules/$KERNEL
rm -rf /usr/src/kernel-headers-$KERNEL
rm -rf /usr/src/linux-$KERNEL

The script removes all unused kernels!
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