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Kanotix Kernel Updates

The current kernel with drivers can always to be found at http://kanotix.com/
These steps must be run as root

Note: please check also the Official KANOTIX HowTo for Upgrading Kernel!

1. Download The Current Kernel

Visit http://debian.tu-bs.de/project/kanotix/kernel/ to find the kernel you wish to download, both 32bit and 64bit kernels can be found here. Copy the URL and replace the URL below with the one you want (as at the time of this writing ::+::, the "current-kernel" file does not exist, so you will need to specify the exact kernel you want),
cd /usr/src 
wget  http://debian.tu-bs.de/project/kanotix/kernel/kernel-kanotix-current.zip
then unzip the new kernel,
unzip kernel-kanotix-current.zip -d kernel-kanotix-current

2. Install Kernel

Those who would like can still add; echo $? to the script command. This displays the return code of the script, which is zero (0) if no error ocurred. Generally however, this is unnecessary.

To install the new kernel,
cd kernel-kanotix-current
if you need some modules install them with
dpkg -i *modules*deb
Most will probably not need any additional driver modules at all. If you need a specific driver, replace *module*deb with the file name of the module you require.

Attention: Since 2.6.12 several important driver packages (i.e. madwifi, wlan-ng, ndiswrapper) have been moved from the driver package, and can be found now directly in the kernel package!

3. Restart

Now restart the PC.
Upon boot, the new kernel is selected automatically.
If during boot you notice a problem with the new kernel you can also select an older kernel.

Enter 3 as cheatcode and log in as root into the textconsole, there perform the following:

Adjust the settings of your soundcard,
and save your settings with,
alsactl store
Now update Kano's scripts,
wait for the "finished message to be certain the update finished.

4. Graphics Drivers



ATI Radeon

Be carefull: since the newer versions of Kanotix, please use the following script for ATI Radeon:

5. X

Once the installation is is complete, X should start up automatically, though if it doesn't you can test it with,
init 5

6. Restart

For good measure restart the machine,

Removal Of Old Kernel

Those who would now like to remove the old kernel completely can do so with a script from Kano. How it's done is described here: Old Kernel Cleaup

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