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How to get access to support while in text mode (init 3)

from the I-am-bored-while-I-am-in-init-3-dept

What to do while in init3

I hate doing nothing. While your computer is busy in "init 3" mode, why not join irc and chat! It is easy to do. Before you start your computer on some long task,

First check that you have Wee-Chat ... Kmenu > Debian > Net
If its not there
#apt-get install weechat-curses
If you already have it, its a good idea to update it now to see if there is an update, and then carry on with what you were going to do.

OK, you are in init 3, about to do a d-u (dist-upgrade) and you should know the drill.

The cool part is that you still have the ability to switch to another terminal.
$ kanobox login:   // as a <user>, *not* as root
// and then
$ weechat-curses 
whoaa! cool! now it is going to connect you to irc.freenode.net

Important, once connected, change your nickname
/nick username_of_choice

to join a channel, /join #channel_name, for example:
/join #kanotix     <----- greatest distro-ever- !

to connect to another server
/server server.name
in the bottom bar, you will see numbers appear if there is activity in the channels, to switch to that channel, ALT-1 ALT-2 ALT-3 ALT-4 etc....

to leave,

oh, and to check up on how things are going with say the d-u,
// and then to return to irc

A fab way of getting help. if something seems to have gone wrong with the d-u..................


Originally submitted by Jazon
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