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Grow-Knoppix: Clone your own Kanotix

This xdialog script makes it easy to copy Kanotix and add to it.
The best system is to have a CD drive to boot and a DVD burner as cdrom1?.
However, the iso file can be made and burned as a second step.
DVD-RW disks work well and can be blanked with "dvd+rw-format -blank /dev/cdrom1?"

1. The simplest method is to edit menu.lst so the new DVD default boot is what you want.
The first line default 0 can be changed to pick a grub menu item.
Add your cheatcodes at the end of the default line that starts with # kernel
No more having to reboot when you look away and miss the chance to pick your language.

2. Background image selection is made by a dcop script placed in ~/.kde/Autostart

3. Autostart items can open a greeting, start programs, and run your setup script.
KDE dcop scripts can control many desktop settings.

4. New applications are added by booting with a union file system.
First make an empty image file with:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/hda5/myunion-image count=1M
// Use 2M for a 1 gig file. Create a file system with:     
mkfs.ext2 myunion-image

// Boot the CD with:      
// then 
# apt-get update && apt-get install <new application> 

// The file myunion-image may be copied to the base of the new DVD.
// Boot with cheat code   
// to use your new applications.

// If placed on a hard drive then use  

5. Content, gigabytes of it, can be placed on the DVD.

Why make a clone DVD CD?
To make booting with your preferences easy.
To give out, publish, to add content.
To archive programs and versions to keep for comparison and backup.
Test multiple operating systems without having to install to hard drive.
Keep data and programs with the operating system needed.

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