Hardware - install ati graphic driver

TheOne - 08.06.2010, 23:42 Uhr
Titel: install ati graphic driver
To install the propritary 3D ati graphic driver you have to do the following steps

1. update the install script, if you have internet connection otherwise use the existing script
to update log into a shell as root and type
2. next switch to terminal 1 with the shortcut
[Alt] + [Ctrl] + [F1]
3. log in as user root
4. start the install script via

to see additional options use the help via
install-fglrx-debian.sh -h
or visit the IRC for help
jpisini - 18.06.2010, 13:09 Uhr
Titel: RE: install ati graphic driver
I don’t have my machine in front of me right now (it’s at home and I’m at work) but the ATI install failed the three times I tried it complaining about an issue with the file needing to be fixed . I am assuming the file is xorg.conf as it didn’t say. I was able to download the latest 10.6 driver from AMD and install that no problems so I am OK just posting this in case others see the same thing. My card is a Mobility HD 4200. Overall Kanotix 2010 is working very well. I have a few small issues I will post elsewhere in the forums let me just say thanks for having a KDE 3.5 version many people out there myself included still prefer it as our desktop of choice.
Kano - 18.06.2010, 13:49 Uhr
Titel: RE: install ati graphic driver
The script downloads 10-6 when you use update-scripts-kanotix.sh - i would NEVER call the installer manually.
jpisini - 18.06.2010, 15:44 Uhr
Titel: RE: install ati graphic driver
If I have time I'll reinstall and see if I can duplicate it and get the exact error.
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