Networking - unable to get broadband connection.

betton - 27.08.2008, 09:57 Uhr
Titel: unable to get broadband connection.

I'm dual booting Windows XP and Kanotix2007, both installed on the same hdd. I have a router, directly connected to the ethernet port of the computer. I can get a good connection on XP but nothing at all on Kanotix, I'm sorry to say.

Playing about, I notice that I get a message saying 'no access concentrator found'. Has this something to do with it?

Incidentally, I found I can't get a connection on another distro, either, so something is wrong somewhere.

Some help here would be appreciated.
merlin - 27.08.2008, 10:35 Uhr
Titel: unable to get broadband connection.
if you have dhcp in the router enabled, network should run during boot automatic, see the symbol on panel left from clock. If you have static ip-adress deinstall better the network-manager and run "netcardconfig" from console or choose the entry in the kanotix-menu.

apt-get --purge remove network-manager
betton - 27.08.2008, 11:35 Uhr
Thanks for your reply, Merlin.

DHCP is not enabled in the router as it wouldn't give me a connection under XP, either.

I entered the config details using the menu entry and, at the end, got a message that said 'interface enabled. Do you want it auto-enabled at boot?'
I opted for 'yes' but the panel icon, next to the clock, still said 'not connected'.

So I opened a console and ran 'netcardconfig'. I got:

Xlib: connection to "0.0" refused by server
Xlin: no protocol specified

Xdialog: Error initialising the gui
Do you run under X with GTK+ V1.2.0+ installed?

I hope you can make sense of all this. I didn't try the apt-get --purge remove network manager command as I didn't know if I should do this next or not.
merlin - 27.08.2008, 22:31 Uhr
first run
apt-get --purge remove network-manager
after this run as root netcardconfig
if you don't find the menu-entry in the kanotix menu change to root in terminal as "sux" and not as "su" and start netcardconfig.
betton - 28.08.2008, 09:54 Uhr
Hi Merlin,

Am in some difficulty here. Have lost my internet connection with windows now, too. So I'm having to use a live cd to communicate at all.

I'll let you know how I get on once the problems have been sorted out.

Thanks for your help so far.
Kano - 29.08.2008, 15:02 Uhr
In case you want to use my-pppoeconf in live mode boot with


cheatcode. netcardconfig is the wrong tool if you don't need a router - which i would highly recommend. If you don't need PPPoE authenfication you should be online without any cheatcode via automated DHCP request.
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